How To Force Yourself To Do Homework

Every afternoon the desire to study suddenly disappears. How can we overcome the impulse to run away from books and do our duty well?

Every afternoon (almost) the same story. You come back from school, you think about the tasks to be done and the first instinct would be to run away from books and notebooks as far as possible. How to face the dreaded appointment with the lack of desire to study?

Here are useful tips on how to force yourself to do homework assignment!


Get away from the tooth, away from the pain!” In other words, it is better to take off the thought immediately. When you come home to eat, take a break (short!) And start studying right away. Once the duty is over, you can switch to pleasure and spend time in the way you like.


It’s true: you’ve already spent a morning at school, you’re tired, maybe they even questioned you. A trick to avoid being assaulted by the allergy to homework is to find a good motivation! Maybe write it in a sheet to keep an eye on when the ..desire for Xbox assaults you. Do not you think of anything? Think about the benefits you get prepared: good grades in high school! And if it is not enough for you, think about the consequences in the report card (and the reactions of your parents) if you do not do your duty.


A true friend is seen in the moment of need or study: if you can, study in two. The important thing, however, is not to get lost in the chatter. Or rather, you can chat, but only if you do so in established pauses. Like: “We will take a little break every single study time”. When you finish you will also have time to go out together to do what you want.

Force yourself


If once you finish with that list of duties you can recharge your brain and your body in some way, you may have more desire to comply with another list the next day. You do not necessarily have to assign your reward after completing the entire list. You can exchange tasks and rewards throughout the day.

Meditate for 15 minutes can be away, or use your lunchtime to take a walk. Set a timer for performing 5 to 10 minutes of stretching exercises. It is also enough to talk with a partner about issues outside of school. If you like coffee or tea, you can go to the kitchen and drink something that you like.


All tasks can be more enjoyable if you put a little of your creativity. How? You can make your powerpoint presentation more entertaining, with images and colors that will help you entertain yourself while doing it. Not only will you benefit yourself but also your colleagues when you expose it.

In turn, if you must inform yourself about your work you can opt for really interesting and fun websites, that have other news of your interest. You do something productive but at the same time, you like it.


Many tasks that you must do are totally mechanical, such as checking emails, ordering folders, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome. But you can reward yourself while doing some hobbies. For example, you can listen to your favorite music at the same time, or tell a friend to visit you in the office to talk while doing your homework. You can even coordinate to have lunch with a family member somewhere that has wifi so you can eat and have a good time while you work.


You can associate a task that is not to your liking with a monetary gain. How? Dedicating some money to a purpose that is fun, such as going to a concert, or to play songs from Itunes. Having a project and feeling that you contribute to it happening with each task you do is very stimulating.

Do homework with the following tips

Take care of regularity

After school, chill out with your friends, then drink at home and then do your homework and that every day. It seems difficult but because you put yourself here every day, it becomes a habit. You know where you stand and because of that, you can also make yourself easier. So just do it, how corny that sounds.

Reward yourself

Every half an hour it is time for a break. Reward yourself with this. After half an hour you can take your mobile to check your social media, video games, just a block or jump and dance with the music hard. Fifteen minutes, no longer. After another half hour of work, another break follows. By rewarding yourself in this way for your efforts, you will keep it up for long. The more self-discipline you get, the less dependent you will eventually become on your rewards.

Make sure you are not distracted

As you learn, your mobile and your music are off. The computer is only used for homework and you provide the least disturbing elements in your environment. Distraction creates a lack of concentration. This makes learning last longer and you do not want that.

Think positive

Do not sit down and learn with thoughts such as:

What a mess, here I do not feel like it at all.

How bad I am, this does not work.

This does not motivate and makes you ignite too little of what you are trying to learn. Try to just concentrate on your work and think about the break and the reward that you have in store for yourself. This works stimulating instead of demotivating negative thoughts.


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